CAB Corp. at Tivoli Lakes

The Tivoli Lakes chapter of CAB Corp. is the Tivoli Lakes fund raising unit responsible for raising funds to purchase emergency medical care equipment and supplies for PBC Fire/Rescue.

CAB Corp has been in the news. A featured story on pet safety was featured in the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentinel. Thanks to CAB CORP's purchase of pet oxygen kits for fire trucks in the county, PBC Fire Rescue becomes one of only a handful of major fire departments in the US to recognize the importance of pet safety. CAB Corp distributed pet decals to the community (stickers placed so emergency services know what pets live in the home). CAB Corp has provided CPR training to our community a few times.  Tivoli Lakes has been instrumental in helping raise funds in support of PBC Fire Rescue. Over the years our community has supported a number of fundraisers, raising well in excess of $30,000.