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Here are Tivoli Lakes 2021 events, along with a link to their flyer and/or club page.   
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Fitness Classes Brochure:
Stretching Class (Wed 8-9 AM, free and for Fitness members only),  Stretch&Sweat Class (Mon/Fri 8-9 AM, free,Fitness members only),
Fitness Club 2020 Schedule
Water Aerobics (Body Wellness Mon/Fri 9-10 AM, 6 weeks; $)
Free Water Aerobics classes by Fitness Club members:
Tu/Th at 8 AM (vigorous, members only)

Yoga Moves (Mon/Fri 9-10:05 AM),
Yoga with Instructor, Wed 9 AM Fitness Ctr
Bocce Reservations link
Fitness Club
& Yoga Club
Pottery Club working sessions are 1-3 PM Tues
Pottery Club

Book Club 1:30 PM - 3rd Wed of each month
Book Club

Cancelled New Year's Eve Party, and all Christmas vacation week events
 Dec 19
 Dolphins-Jets Football Game at Hard Rock Stadium
 Mens Club
 Dec 15
 Trip to Norton Museum - Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera Exhibit
 Art Club
 Dec 15 1:30
 Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hale Kelly  Book Club
 Dec 14 7p
 Meet and Greet in Clubhouse
 Womens Cl
 Dec 10, 4-6
 Wine and Cheese Party open to club members and guests
 Mens Club
 Dec 5
 Chanukah Celebration
 Dec 5 am
 Complimentary Tennis Clinic with Habtu 8-p; 9-10:30 am
 Dec. 3
 Jayne Curry - Tivoli Lakes Clubhouse
 Dec. 3, 3-5p
 First Friday Art Walk in the Clubhouse
 Art Club
 Dec 2, 7 pm
 Zoom /Dr. Rose Feinberg on Male Singers
 PAP Corps
 Dec 3, 5pm
 Bocce Kickoff Party: bocce, 6 pm Italian dinner
Fitness Club
 Nov 22
 Cousins Maine Lobster Truck - 4:45-7:30 pm
 Nov 21 9 am
 Mens Club
Nov 18 7pm
 Trip to Florida Panthers/NJ Devils Hockey Game Mens Club
 Nov 17 1:30
  The Guest List by Lindsey Foley  Book Club
 Nov 16 3p
 Flower Arranging with Emily Oseroff
 Womens Cl
 Nov 14
 Annual Golf Tournament - Indian Spring
 Golf Club
 Nov 13
 Meet at Boca Raton Museum to see Machu Piccu 11:30 am
 Art Club
 Nov 10 6pm
 Boys Night Out at the Boynton Ale House
 Mens Club
 Nov 9, 10:30
 The Erotic World of Gustav Klimpt - Clubhouse
 Nov. 6
 Sarge - Tivoli  Lakes Clubhouse
 Oct 28, 7pm
 Movie Night: Knives Out - Pool patio
 Oct 23
 Luncheon at Ben's Deli in Boca Raton
 Mens Club
 Oct 20 1:30
  The Dutch House by Ann Patchett  Book Club
 Oct 20
 Social Pickleball League (weekly thru April) - 3 pm
Pickleball Cl
 Oct 14 11a
 Tour of Panther Ridge Conservation Center
 Womens Cl
 Oct 2 and 9
 Learn to Play Pickleball Sessions in am
Pickleball Cl
 Oct 1, 3-5p
 First Friday Art Show in the Clubhouse
 Art Club
 Sept 24
 Mens Club
 Sept 23
 Dr. Rose Feinberg on Supreme Court Justices via Zoom
 PAP Corps
 Sept 22 1:30
 The Third Daughter discussion led by Sylvia Gentner
 Book Club
 Sept 18
 Trip to Norton Museum - Celebrating Women's Art
 Art Club
 August 19  Flower Arranging with Emily Osteroff WomensClb
 July 24
  The Dusty Road Rangers Summer Concert (no dinner)  HOA
 July 23
 Tennis Charity Match for Boynton Angels at the Fountains
 July 22
 7:30 Meeting of Firearms Club
 July 15
 Dr. Rose Feinberg Zoom on Divas
 PAP Corp.
 July 4
 4-8 pm Celebrate July 4th at Clubhouse; dinner, music
 June 18  Tennis and Pizza Party
 Tennis Club
 June 13
 Sunday Brunch at Cucina Moderna, 11 am
 Mens Club
 June 8 &10
 CPR/ AED Classes, 10-11 am
 May 31
 Memorial Day afternoon at the Pool
 May 24
 Breakfast at Jacob's Deli
 Mens Club
 May 26
 America‚Äôs Jewish Women: An afternoon w/Pamela Nadell
 May 2
 Annual Masters Golf Tournament
  Golf Club
 April 21
 Boys Night Out at Ben's Kosher Restaurant
 Mens Club
Apr 18
 Boynton PAP Walk-a-Thon, Canyon Town Ctr, 8:30 am
 PAP Corp
 April 13-14
 CPR/AED Classes
 Apr 11
 Breakfast w/Tivoli resident/anesthesiologist, Dr. Scott Boydman
 Mens Club
Apr 9-10-11
  Color Wars Tennis Tournament (no banquet), mornings
April 2
 Yoga Class by Body Wellness - 6 weeks
 Fitness Clb
  Mar. 16
 The Third Daughter Zoom with author Talia Carner, 2 pm
  Mar 16
  Zumba Try-it Class, 10:30 am
  Mar 10
  Tai Chi class, 9 am; 6 weeks, fee
  Feb. 26
  Breakfast with Daniel Goldwasser, travel industry
 Mens Club
  Feb. 25
  Tai Chi Class (Body Wellness), 10:30 am
 Fitness Clb
  Feb. 23
  Tzedakah Hadassah - Knitted Afghan Raffle
  Feb. 19
  Body Wellness Yoga Class starts (6 weeks), 9-10 am Fri.
 Feb 12
  Valentine's Weekend Dinner & Flowers
 Feb 7
  SuperBowl Pool 
Mens Club
 Jan 26
  Annual Meeting & Election via Zoom
 Jan 24
  Mens Virtual Breakfast with Ted Siegel, 10:15 am
Mens Club
  Jan13-Mar 24  Hadassah Regional Lecture Series, alternate Wed. 7 pm
  Ice Cream Truck afternoon tour