Men's Club at Tivoli Lakes

The Tivoli Lakes Men's Club is a social club open to all men of the Tivoli Lakes Homeowners' Association. The Club is activity-focused, with a modest membership fee, organized to include monthly breakfast meetings at which food is served and speakers are often presented at no cost.  Meetings and activities include camaraderie, sharing of views, past work experiences, and friendship building. 
Activities of the Club typical include, but are not limited to:
    - Football watching at Duffy's
    - Visit Jai Alai matches
    - Attend Baseball games
    - Attend Theater events
    - Visiting Horse Race venues
    - Intracoastal cruises with guests 
    - Men's Night Out Supper Club
    - Sponsoring Mothers' Day Breakfast
New members are most welcome, as well as new ideas for activities of the Club.