Social Club

Tivoli Lakes Social Club was formed to have an ongoing social calendar in the community. We plan events, mostly at the clubhouse, for our residents and sometimes extend them to their family and friends.  Occasionally, we'll provide a source to purchase tickets for shows in various Florida venues, but basically, we keep the activities localized to not conflict with other clubs' planning.  Tradition, thus far, has encouraged the celebrations of New Year's Eve, Spring Fling, April Fun in the Sun Party, Kick-Off-the-Season, & Kids Carnival as well as our annual Show Time Series.  We try to explore new possibilities and welcome suggestions. 

See Flyer Page for details.

FunInTheSunApril15Flier.jpg Social Club Parties 2015-2016
Social Club Shows 2015-2016
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April 2015
2015-2016 Season Parties
2015-2016 Season Shows